Winter opening times (from 16 September to 31 May)

Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday: from 9.00 to 13.30

Sunday from 9.30 to 13.30 (from 7th March).

The Museum will remain closed on 1st, 2nd, 4rt and 5th april.

Free entry.


Molí d'en Fraret (ethnological section)

Friday from 9.00 ti 13.30

Free entry


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Exposició "Del fang cuit a l'objecte"

Exposicions temporals

Del 20 de desembre de 2020 al 20 de juny de 2021.


Visites guiades al Museu de Manacor


Visites guiades diumenge 14 de març, 18 d'abril i 9 de maig.

A les 10.30 hores

Visites guiades a l'exposició "Del fang cuit a l'objecte"


Visites guiades a l'exposició "Del fang cuit a l'objecte".

El dissabte 27 de març a les 10.30 (places esgotades) i a les 12 hores.

El bosc encantat. Dissabte 24 d'abril


Dins els actes de la Setmana del Llibre organitzats pel departament de Cultura de l'Ajuntament de Manacor us presentam les activitats que tindran lloc en el Museu:


Enjoy learning with our didactic activities


Explore the history of Manacor and surroundings with our permanent exhibitions

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Under the auspices of the Association, all types of activities are promoted throughout the year. From October to June, we organize a monthly excursion to help people get to know the museums, collections, and heritage of the Balearic Islands, one of the objectives of this Association.

During the summer months, from July to September, we offer the Ciclo de las Musas , outdoor evening activities which invite people to use the museum as a cultural meeting ground. The inspiration for this cycle are the muses of classical antiquity which inform our various activities: theatre, dance, history, astronomy, poetry, etc.

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The Manacor Museum of History can be visited throughout the whole of its ground floor, although the first floor, where temporary exhibits are developed, is not prepared for visits.

The museum does not have a lift.